'13th Month' is Kelman Duran’s debut LP, a 13-track meditation on the artist's work over the past six years at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. '13th Month' references the 13-month lunar calendar followed by the Lakota community, and was the site of his experimental film "Into The North." 

'13th Month' creates an archive around places in a constant state of emergency, echoing intergenerational trauma. Duran calls attention to meeting points of solidarity between Afro-Latinx and Native American communities; between the intersections and specificities of communities of color in the United States. 

'13th Month' elaborates on Duran’s raw cut-and-paste, improvisational technique that challenges utilitarian expectations of club music, rendering orchestral compositions of reggaetón and hip-hop loops from the music Duran grew up with, choir samples, and interview footage from Duran’s time at Pine Ridge. 

Through '13th Month,' Duran recreates the vastness of the Badlands of South Dakota; as with his film practice, as a music producer Kelman’s approach is at once self-reflexive and journalistic. According to Lakota storytelling, the Badlands are where your soul goes if you don’t complete what you set out for in this life. With each track echoing an expansive, pitch-altered take on meditational devotional soundscapes, Duran offers a 360-degree view of these environments, integrating their notions of proximity to the apocalypse. 

He says, “the pain that exists on the [reservation] I could never replicate; that’s why I sometimes think that I can sometimes only be gestural...For now I can only seek to create some sort of discourse around sound and politics.” 

Duran was featured this month in Resident Advisor’s “Breaking Through” profile series. Born in the Dominican Republic where he spent his early years, and raised on 163rd Street and Broadway in Washington Heights, he now resides in Los Angeles. Duran is a member of LA’s RAIL UP crew, which creates recurring spaces to center and celebrate Afro-Latinx diasporic identities and cultures. Duran’s debut release '1804 Kids' arrived in 2017 via Hundebiss. 


Release date: November 27, 2018.

Mastered: Leroy Bella. 
Cover Artwork: Kelman Duran. 
Cover Design: Moe Suliman.

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