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'Anta' is the debut EP fromIbarra, Ecuador-based artist Mala Fama. 

Mala Fama’s experimental productions translate the specificity of geographies and communities within Ecuador, while also celebrating his self-directed intersections with experimental electronic futurism. Anta centers on ambient, non-linear retellings of what he describes as “everyday people telling everyday stories” in his Quichua community. 

Mala Fama is a testament to the power of inhabiting multiple worlds at once while being rooted in indigenous pride and power, with his productions reflecting the diversity of his Imbabura province, layering deconstructed soundscapes, the region’s indigenous music, traditions of the Valle del Chota’s Afro-Ecuadorian communities, and a dialogue with reggaetón. 

Recorded in collaboration with the comunidad indígena de Cotacachi, Anta centers the cyclicial realities of death, birth, and milestones in between of the Quichua community, showcasing compositions merging chopped and looped samples from original recordings made in Turucu’s local church in Cotacachi, warped vocal snippets, and field recordings from across the region. 

Anta translates to “machine” in quichua, nodding to an intersection of the soundscapes of Ibarra’s indigenous traditions with Mala Fama’s self-determined specificity in electronic music production. Created with intention, research, and a deep respect for the music of his own community, where his parents sold indigenous music recordings for many years, Anta was created in collaboration with musician Jesús Bonilla from the Turku community. 

A percentage of album proceeds will be donated directly to Waruntzy, a non-profit organization based in Cotacachi founded by Bonilla. Waruntzy organizes educational workshops for youth hosted at Museo de las Culturas Cotacachi, intended to preserve and research traditional indigenous music of Imbabura. 


Release date: September 14, 2018.

Mastered: Oscar Bahamonde. 
Cover Artwork: Moe Suliman. 
Cover Photograph: Courtesy of Jesús Bonilla. 
Special thanks to Jesús Bonilla and the Kichwa communities of the Cotacachi, Imbabura.

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